Review of “A Table in Berlin” by Mark Davies

Espionage, humour, rock and roll, politics & romance – an unlikely combination that really works.

Anyone who reads my reviews (and I hope someone does) knows I’m a sucker for a book set in Berlin. However I really wasn’t sure about this book, I think it was the cover, enough said… However, after seeing the reviews I took the plunge and I’m very glad I did.

Mark Davies has pulled off a rare trick, a book that works on many levels, that should appeal to anyone with a heart and leaves the reader wanting more. It’s a compelling, uplifting tale of friendship and romance set against a city overshadowed by the division created by the Berlin Wall and accurately conveys the atmosphere that was late 1980s Berlin.

There’s some great one liners, and one of my favourites was when Charlie the lead male character who narrates the whole story thinks, “The situation was getting a bit too Len Deighton for my taste”.

It’s very well researched and captures 1980s Berlin very well, the characters, the setting, and the background is clearly set out even for those not familiar with the politics and the history of this fascinating city. As with all good books there’s a great twist at the end.

Now I know what your going to say, but the cover doesn’t do it justice. It gave me the impression of an amateurish read, but the author has produced a professional compelling story and it’s his first book!

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