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Review of ” Girl in the Blue Coat” by Monica Hesse

Powerful and poignant YA historical fiction.

Set in German occupied Holland the story is told through the eyes of Hanneke is a young teenage girl works on the black market. In the course of her work around Amsterdam she is asked to find a missing Jewish teenager.

Impeccably researched and at times very moving Girl in the Blue Coat is a very readable story about the frailty of human nature through love, hate, jealousy, and friendship.

Monica Hesse knew little of the period or the location, but through diligent research has recreated World War 2 Holland down to food and the language and interactions of the period.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoyed The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank and Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief.


Review of “Mister Doctor” by Irène Cohen-Janca, Maurizio A.C. Quarello (Illustrator)

A moving, powerful and beautifully illustrated true story of the Holocaust.

The story of  Doctor Janucz Korczak, the inspirational director of a Jewish orphanage in Warsaw who selflessly went with his wards to the horror of the gas chambers at Treblinka is quite well known.

All stories of the Holocaust are difficult to convey to a 9-12 year old, however, Irène Cohen-Janca has placed this story of compassion and love amidst the horrors of the Warsaw Ghetto compellingly into the view point of one of the orphans that young readers will understand.

The words are greatly enhanced by the excellent illustrations of Maurizio A.C. Quarelloetto and although the subject matter is disturbing the book is very moving and leaves you with a powerful message of humanity and bravery in one of history’s darkest periods